About AssTrapper

AssTrapper.com was created to help futher the cause of Crapper* Paranoia!

Definition “Crapper Paranoia”
An emotional disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of “Creatures In The Crapper.”

To further this cause, our Founding Father, Ass Trapper himself, has spent countless hours researching “Crapper Paranoia” and has found the following astonishing discoveries:

Subjects exposed to Ass Trapper Crapper Wrapper tend to shit less causing extreme constipation. They have been observed dumping in the park and other public places. Participants in the AssTraper.com experiment were recorded pissing in their pants far more often than non-participants. In short, Ass Trapper Crapper Wrapper works!

To this end, AssCrapper.com is now taking applications for enrolment in “Society for the Advancement of Crapper Paranoia” Sign Me Up!   Find out how to get your Free S.A.C.P. T-shirt!

In conclusion, we at AssTrapper.com need your assistance in assuring Crapper Paranoia reaches a true pandemic state by you proudly displaying an AssTrapper Crapper Wrapper. Go to Shop and purchase yours. Have fun!

*Also known as: Ass Gasket – Big White Telephone – Bog Roll – Can – Commode – John – Loo – The Oval Office – Throne – Toilet